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How can you tell when someone is blushing when they have a naturally red face?

When people blush their ears turn red. That's something that you'll be able to see when they're blushing.How can you tell when someone is blushing when they have a naturally red face?
even black people blushes. watch also the facial reactions. the face would be redder especially the cheeks and his eyes will not be able to look straight i think. :)How can you tell when someone is blushing when they have a naturally red face?
well im a dude and i naturally have red cheeks, so when i blush my ears and nose and neck get bright red to lol
they start acting strange, look away, smile a lot, etc... :P
they turn even more red, their whole face

What can I do to help stop blushing?

I blush on these occasions:

Talking to a stranger

In an environment that Im not use too

Sometimes at school even when no one is talking to me

Im a guy too, if that helps. What can I do to stop it or prevent it or to not happen as much?What can I do to help stop blushing?
I have the same problem and believe me I feel your pain lol. If you were a girl I would say wear a lot of make-up but in your case I don't know. Learn how to relax and if your face starts to turn red try to control it take deep breaths or try and hide or cover your face until it goes away..... hopefully you will grow out of it.What can I do to help stop blushing?
Try focusing on other things in your life and your blushing will reduce. The more you worry about blushing the more you're likely to blush. If you're still stuck though check out the support site I've set up to help blushing sufferers as it might help you: Report Abuse

for u not to blush, you really need to feel comfortable where you are or who u r with. something must be bothering you, its actually normal because everyone blushes at one point lol but maybe with you dats something you cant control, unlike other feelings you can...dont worry bout it :]
take Pepcid AC before you go out. Its supposed to reduce the blood going to the skin.
you got to figure out what makes you blush. believe in yourself.
walk away
It's more of a problem for us fair-skinned people. When I was young it was a problem for me too. But with age and experience comes increased comfort levels in more situations. I rarely blush now...but now I'm 50. Maybe its a blessing that comes with old know there ought to be some blesing to it.

Why do people blush?

Hey --- I'm just ';hot flashing'; --- can't help it....It's not blushing - I'm catching on fire from the inside out.Why do people blush?
It shows their feelings and reactions.Why do people blush?
natural emotions
Blushing is a unique blend of evolutionary and social behavior. It's an involuntary reaction of the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for our ';fight or flight'; response, but blushing is solely triggered by social cues.

People generally blush when they're feeling embarrassed, scared, or stressed. As a result of the ';fight or flight'; response, the capillaries that carry blood to the skin widen, and the increased blood flow lends the face, as well as sometimes the chest, neck, or even the body or legs, a reddened color.

Excessive facial blushing, or erythrophobia, is caused by overactivity of the sympathetic nervous system. The condition can cause a lot of psychological duress and has engendered several support groups.

It's common knowledge that animals don't blush. So while there are some evolutionary cues behind blushing, it's also linked to something uniquely human -- moral consciousness.
something causes the blood preasure to rise, increasing blood flow to the face/other parts of the body.... but u most notice it there.
Embarrassment mainly.
some sort of emotional response to stimuli
Blushing is a reaction triggered by the brain that sends blood to the face. It is similar to sweating.
What do you mean?

(Are you trying to say, ';What is the cause of blushing?';. ';Why do you blush?'; ';How many times a day do you blush?';

Be more specific when you type in a question---it really helps the answer people.
im not sure but you could probably find out if you go search on google or something
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  • What makes you *blush*?

    Mostly compliments.. :)

    %26amp; a best answer from Pinky to me in Turkey category is one of the best compliment :PWhat makes you *blush*?
    if i feel embarrassed in public i blush.. also if the guy i fancy enters the room and looks at me makes me blush.. also compliments....What makes you *blush*?
    When I hear from someone I love, it not only makes me blush, it also makes my day.
    in the crowd when a girl or a lady says i'm looking cool or sexy
    when somebody compliments about me,about my works and studies in front of the that position i will be just like an red apple :-)
    When I realize I have done something to offend someone unwittingly.
    I turn red with embarassment when I make a mistake and someone tells me about it. I also blush if a lady tells me nice things (still at this old age).
    I never blush when people make compliments to me. I assume a face which tells you ';What you just said is so true that I won't attempt to put on the artificial airs of a modest person';

    Ok ok but I do blush from time to time of course especially when I'm speaking to a guy I really like, not only blushing my stomach feels sick, like my body is firmly attached to the ground but my stomach tries to fly out of it. That's why I avoid making eye contact and pretend as if he is some cockroach that I don't even deign to look at. Ahh it's so hard being shy sometimes =p
    hey beautiful

    lol @ chloe..

    makes me blush is..... compliments also... i turn into a pink tomato.. (not red) lol
    well, actually it depends on the thing, but like for example as an english teacher, forgetting to zip 枚y pants up and getting into the classroom and some of the student laughing hysterically and telling me that i forgot to zip up my pants would be a great blushing point,lol...
    When a girl I like very much is telling me sweet words...
    to see you comming after a bath with towel in hand and front. loose lengthy hairs on your shoulder
    When someone gives you a REALLY big compliment.
    when some guy tells me how beautiful i am
    when a girl talk about my you know what, she kissed me, flirts with me

    HELP!! Is there a such thing as a fake blush from a girl?

    Is there a such thing as a fake blushHELP!! Is there a such thing as a fake blush from a girl?
    well theres makeup :oHELP!! Is there a such thing as a fake blush from a girl?
    Nope. If a girl blushes, it's an uncontrollable reaction to being embarrassed, happy, flattered or humiliated. Unlike a smile, look or even a blink, one cannot force it to come to them.
    a blush is when someone gets nervous and their blood rushes to their cheeks, how can someone fake that? they cant.
    yes girls fake everything
    makeup? but that stays all day. And some people can get red if they thought about something that makes them embarassed
    MAKEUP is fake blush!!!!!!!!!
    not really

    its natural and happens on its own
    Lol no not at all

    What colors (from blush and such) complement my face? I have..?

    brown eyes and light brown hair... how to make them shine? thnx.What colors (from blush and such) complement my face? I have..?
    Blues and Golds for eyeshadows. But blend well to make them look natural. Purples and certain shades of green (Clinique Peacock, Sparkling Sage) would also be nice. Black Mascara, and a blush that matches your natural flush. After you work up a sweat look in the mirror and see if you cheeks flush pink, red or tawny. Match it and you are good to go.What colors (from blush and such) complement my face? I have..?
    Makeup color basics鈥?/a>

    Choosing makeup鈥?/a>

    Choosing Eye Makeup Colors鈥?/a>
    Is hard to say without knowing your complexion...... A pic would help or maybe a more detailed description of yourself.....

    Revlon limited edition blush?


    I'm trying to find Revlon Sheer Powder Blush-Limited Edition-Peachy Keen in stores but it seems that they don't have it anymore. Although they are still selling other LE products. Does anyone know where I can buy this blush in Canada?

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